Select Property Tax Amount

Please Note: All credit card transactions for property taxes are subjected to an online fee of 2.2%.

1. Click the "Pay Now" box for each property tax account you wish to pay.

2. The full amount of the balance owing will automatically populate as Pay Amount (this can be changed if you wish to pay an amount other than the full amount).

3. For Tax Payments, an additional line will appear showing an online fee (2.2% of the total tax payment amount selected).

4. Click on "Pay Now" button to pay the amount shown plus the online fee.

5. The system will display a message with the total amount plus the applicable online fee and a total as shown below. Click OK to continue or cancel to return and make adjustments as required.

6. Once you have clicked OK you will be asked to confirming your order by clicking continue, as shown below.

7.  Click "PaybyCreditCard" to continue with your payment via credit card, "Correct" to return to previous screen and "Cancel" to stop paying and return to your Account page.

8. Next enter your payment information in the Payment Details window that appears and click Process Transaction.  The Payment Details window may take a moment to appear please do not click anywhere else until this screen appears. The County of Grande Prairie No.1. does not see or store any credit card information entered during the payment process.

9. When the transaction has been completed, a receipt will be emailed to the email address you specified in a previous Confirm Your Order screen or it can be printed directly from the website.

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